A free office suite

oooTry Libre Office instead of Microsoft Office
and save min. 1000dkk.

Microsoft Office costs minimum 1000dkk, and the cost is there again when you upgrade to a later version. LibreOffice is a free alternative.

In addition to having functionality similar to Microsoft Office, LibreOffice also offers:

  • Reading and writing Microsoft document formats from all versions (97, 2003, 2007 etc.).
  • Reading and writing Microsoft Works documents(OpenOffice cannot do that)
  • Can save your documents as PDF.
  • Easy to use - includes a lot of documention in both english and danish.

LibreOffice.org is a complete office suite, a variant to OpenOffice.org, much like Microsoft Office in funktionality, and besides being able to read and create files in  Word, Excel and other Microsoft Office formats, it can also create a PDF version of your document, which can be read by anyone with a PDF reader, so the recipient of the document does not need to have LibreOffice installed to read your document. This is something Microsoft Office doesn't offer.


Get LibreOffice on USB Stick

FiskThe USB Stick contains (among other things) :

    * LibreOffice 3.4.5 in English for Windows, Apple OSX and Linux
    * Templates and Guides
    * More than 13.000 clip art images for use in your documents