About Linuxpusher

Linuxpusher has existed since year 2000 and we produce and sell CD and DVDs containing Linux distributions and sell Linux games, Open Source programs, merchandise (such as t-shirts, caps, mugs, stickers and much more).

Most Linux distributions are free to download, but if you want to spare yourself of using time on downloading, md5sum/sha1sum and gpg-checking and burning your distribution and/or would like your CD/DVD to get a pretty "finish" with print, then we offer this at a low price.

When you order your distribution with us, you get a professionally done CD/DVD with print, and of good quality, in a CD pocket - ready for use.

We want to offer our customers a shop, which is easy to use and which gives a qualified customer service and is always updated with the latest distributions.

We would much appreciate to get your opinion of this shop and any good or bad comments you might have for us.

If you're missing a product or a distribution, we would be happy if you'd let us know.