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KahelOS 020212

KahelOS 020212

Architecture you want to install this on - if in doubt - choose x86, 32-bit.
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Release quote : "Following the release of KahelOS 111111 last November is today's launch of KahelOS 020212. KahelOS 020212 improves on what the earlier installer can offer. It caters to advance Linux users who wish to have the freedom in the first step of installing an operating system, i.e. a manual partitioning system which also has the ability to resize (stretch and shrink) both NTFS and Linux partitions. Graphically, this enhanced installer is still GUI-friendly plus the automatic 'dual boot with Windows' option is an added feature for those who are technology neutral. Fresh features: updated Bluefish to 2.2.1, Dia to 0.97.2, Evolution to 3.2.3, Filezilla to 3.5.3....


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