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Zenwalk Linux 6.2

Zenwalk Linux 6.2

Architecture you want to install this on - if in doubt - choose x86, 32-bit.
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Released on September 6. 2009.

Quote from Release announcement:
"Zenwalk 6.2 has been released. Zenwalk 6.2 is mostly new code (nearly all packages have been updated), and the base system has been slightly modified (ext4, Linux kernel The switch to LZMA for package compression has reduced the overall size of the ISO image (490 MB) while allowing us to provide more applications and drivers. Here's a summary of the other important changes: the new XFCE 4.6.1; 3.1.0 (fast, optimized version); new Netpkg featuring a refined interface, rollback support and instant install with dependencies control; a complete set of HP printers drivers are included; faster boot (tuned init scripts); bus auto-detection in the installer (will choose appropriate kernel depending on the architecture, SATA, PATA, SCSI)."


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