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LibreOffice 4.3.5 with extras - Dansk/English

LibreOffice 4.3.5 with extras - Dansk/English

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LibreOffice is a variant of, which is a complete office suite, very much like Microsoft Office in functionality, and besides being able to read and write files in Word, excel and other Microsoft Office formats, it can also create PDF versions of your document - so the receiver does not need to have an Office suite installed to read your document. This is a feature Microsoft Office does not have.

DVD Contents:

  • LibreOffice for Windows, with support for danish,english and a few other languages.
  • LibreOffice for Apple OS X- Intel edition, with danish and english language support.
  • LibreOffice for Linux, with support for danish and english language
    For PC/x86 - Debian/Ubuntu based systems
    For PC/x86 - Mandriva/OpenSUSE and other RPM based systems
  • LibreOffice danish and english dictionary
  • LibreOffice Portable and other Open Source PortableApps for Windows
  • Guides and HOWTOs in danish and english
  • The official 3 Getting Started guide i PDF format
  • OpenClipart Library - more than 16000 clipart images for use in your documents
  • Several hundred document templates


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