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LinHES 8.0

LinHES 8.0

Architecture you want to install this on - if in doubt - choose x86, 32-bit.
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Release quote : "With this release of LinHES several things have changed. The main thing to note is that with this release, LinHES will support 64-bit processors only. This change, along with a partition layout change means that an in-place upgrade of an existing system is not possible. All installs of R8 should be treated as new installs, with the option to import the old recordings, if desired. R8 uses the same version of MythTV as R7, so importing the old recordings should be very straightforward." Other notable changes include: "old NVIDIA drivers have been dropped; Fbsplash has been replaced with Plymouth; GRUB 2 has replaced GRUB; Fluxbox has been replaced by Enlightenment as the default window manager...."


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