Mandriva Powerpack 2009 Slim 2pack DVD 32 & 64bit

Mandriva Powerpack 2009 Slim 2pack DVD 32 & 64bit

Mandriva Powerpack 2009 Slim 2pack DVD 32 & 64bit

Architecture you want to install this on - if in doubt - choose x86, 32-bit.
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Mandriva Powerpack 2009 is the best of Mandriva: a selection of the best open source software, with exclusive additions

Mandriva Linux 2009 Release Tour

* KDE 4 - specifically, 4.1.2. This major new release of KDE promises to revolutionize the desktop experience.
* GNOME 2.24
* 3.0 - Includes ODF 1.2 support, import filters for Microsoft Office 2007, a solver feature for Calc, collaborative editing of spreadsheets, multiple page display in Writer, native tables in Impress
* Mozilla Firefox 3 - includes Smart Location Bar, improved performance and reduced memory consumption, one-click bookmarking, a built in password manager, and improved security features.
* No less important are the major re-designs of the Mandriva installer and Control Center tools. Simple to use, more ergonomic, this is one of the most important reason to use Mandriva Linux.
* Kernel version is 2.6.27: better hardware support

Hardware compatibility: Mandriva Linux 2009 is netbook friendly
As always, Mandriva Linux 2009's hardware compatibility is second to none. As well as conventional systems, it boasts excellent support for a wide range of netbooks, including all currently available Asus Eee PC models, the Acer Aspire One, the MSI Wind, and others.

Enhancements to Mandriva tools and applications

* Re-designed installer and Control Center: Simple to use, more ergonomic
* Removal of unwanted software during One installation: optimized space disk
* Automatic repository configuration: simply access to 20.000 packages
* Improvements to network tools: Mobility, better support, mobile connection configuration

The Powerpack advantage

* The Powerpack edition also provides a set of audio and video codecs to read the most commonly used formats, also Google applications (Picasa, desktop, toolbar, GoogleEarth), LightZone (trial version) and much more...
* Along with this software comes exclusive service, offering you a helping hand with your experience and web support to help you get the best out of Mandriva.

Included services

* Web support: 3 months through