Linux Mediacenter pack

Linux Mediacenter pack

Linux Mediacenter pack

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The perfect package for those wanting to create their own media center.
Unfortunately not all TV-cards are supported equally in all distributions, and also there are a variety of multimedia center programs (MythTV, pvr, Freevo and more) and they are not all equally supported in the different distributions.

Therefore we have created this pack, with the 6 best distributions focusing on working as a media center, so the likelyhood of your success is heavily increased and we offer you a 30% discount on the package.

The pack contains:

  • eAR OS Free Edition v1_10b - livecd
  • GeexBox 1.2.4 LiveCD
  • LinHES 6.04.00
  • Mythbuntu Linux 11.10 Desktop
  • LinuxMCE 0810b DVD
  • MythDora 12.23 DVD

Hardware requirements:

Pentium Celeron 1GHz. For High Definition TV and High Definition movie playback a 1,8 GHz dual core CPU is recommended.
3GB free hard disk space plus space for music, video and photos.
256MB RAM is enough. 512MB RAM is recommended for High Definition movie and HDTV playback.

vor 17,89$ jetzt 12,57$


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