A free office suite

oooTry Libre Office instead of Microsoft Office
and save min. 1000dkk.

Microsoft Office costs minimum 1000dkk, and the cost is there again when you upgrade to a later version. LibreOffice is a free alternative.

In addition to having functionality similar to Microsoft Office, LibreOffice also offers:

  • Reading and writing Microsoft document formats from all versions (97, 2003, 2007 etc.).
  • Reading and writing Microsoft Works documents(OpenOffice cannot do that)
  • Can save your documents as PDF.
  • Easy to use - includes a lot of documention in both english and danish.

LibreOffice.org is a complete office suite, a variant to OpenOffice.org, much like Microsoft Office in funktionality, and besides being able to read and create files in  Word, Excel and other Microsoft Office formats, it can also create a PDF version of your document, which can be read by anyone with a PDF reader, so the recipient of the document does not need to have LibreOffice installed to read your document. This is something Microsoft Office doesn't offer.