lg-live 0.9.4

lg-live 0.9.4

lg-live 0.9.4

31,20 Kr.
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This DVD contains the following games :

- Astromenace - Btanks - BzFlag - Glest - Maniadrive - Nexuiz - Openarena - Sauerbraten - Teeworlds - Warsow - Warzone2100 - Widelands - World of Padman

You can read more about the games : here

The requirements to your PC are :
- x86 architecture
- 512 MB ram
- videocard with 3d acceleration

The games have different hardware requirements, but they all run fine with the following hardware : AMD 1800+ / Intel 1600mhz+, 512MB ram, ATI Radeon 8500 eller Nvidia Geforce3

31,20 Kr.

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31,20 Kr.


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