SuperGamer-VL2 Mid-Laptop LiveDVD

SuperGamer-VL2 Mid-Laptop LiveDVD

SuperGamer-VL2 Mid-Laptop LiveDVD

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SuperGamer-VL2 MID-LAPTOP is the LiveDVD for Laptops as well as more focused on MID-RANGED video cards. This version of SuperGamer-VL2 is optimized for a gaming computer environment, with some tweaks to help speed up running from the LiveDVD. Based off of Vector Linux 5.8 standard with Xfce 4.4.1 as the window manager. Big 3d Games: * Quake Wars * Doom 3 * Enemy Territory * Nexuiz * Postal 2 * Quake 4 * Soldier of Fortune * Unreal Tournament 2004 * True Combat * Torcs * DropTeam * Sauerbraten(Cube 2) * SuperTux * MadBomber * X-Moto Games from Repo: * BZFlag * Chromium * GL-117 * Glaxium * NeverBall * NeverPutt * PPRacer


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