Loan at the library

Below you will find the Open Source products that we offer for loan at your local library.
(Currently only available at Danish libraries - but ask your local library to order it at : www.linuxpusher.com/bibliotek)

The content on the CD-/DVD´s are Open Source and as a loaner you can therefor freely install and copy it to your computer.

   Linux starterpack

We have assembled a ´Starterpack´ containing CD-/DVD´s with Linux distributions wich are specially suitable for new Linuxusers.

With the pack comes a guide explaining how you get started using Linux. Read more ->

169 DKK,-

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  Professional, free officepack

This DVD contains the professional
office program ´LibreOffice´ wich is a free alternative to Microsoft Office.

We have done the work finding, downloading
and composing LibreOffice, incl cliparts,
templates, spellingcontrol and guides, so that
the office program is directly installable from
the DVD.

95 DKK,-

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   Free browser - & email program

This DVD contains the professional browser - and emailprograms : Seamonkey, Thunderbird and Firefox.

The programs are free alternatives to Microsoft Internet Explorer, with functionality wich in many ways are Internet Explorer superior. Read more ->

80 DKK,-

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