Salg stopper af CD/DVD


We are no longer selling CD's or DVD's.

Linuxpusher has always been a hobby site, and unfortunately we don't have the resources to operate it anymore. With 3 kids and a "real job" - it has become increasingly hard to defend using our evening hours on it.

This is why we have chosen to close for sale of CD/DVD's - as we already made ~0,- money on it - and we're now in a "get merchandise sold" period - before we close entirely.

We are sorry to not be able to deliver this service anymore, but not many computers today, have a CD/DVD drive, so we figure the sale will never be able to rise to a level, where we could defend the time it would take to get the production setup, and our site up to the quality we would like it to be and the income would never align with the time we would have to spend on it.

Unix Brain required - white buble
8,00 Kr.