Browser & Email programs-Danish/English

Browser & Email programs-Danish/English

Browser & Email programs-Danish/English

16,00 Kr.
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The Mozilla project creates a web-suite(newsreader, mailclient, browser) which in many ways is superior to microsoft Internet Explorer.
Some of the popular functionalities are :

  • Tabs in the browser
  • Lots of functionality extensions (extensions/addons) which are free to choose from, and install.
  • Pop-up stopper
  • Build-in spam-filtering in the mailclient

Since the Mozilla suite is a standard component in all Linux distributions this CD only contains software for Microsoft Windows and Apple's Macintosh OSX in the Intel version.

  • Seamonkey 1.1.18 (earlier Mozilla) - combined Webbrowser, mailclient and newsreader
  • Thunderbird - Stand-alone mail client and newsreader
  • Firefox 3.5.3- Stand-alone webbrowser.
16,00 Kr.

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