Linux startpack - DVDset+guide

Linux startpack - DVDset+guide

Linux startpack - DVDset+guide

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Are you new at Linux? In doubt as to wich distribution will fit your needs the best? We have collected the ideal package for you

Try our startpack and get a 30% discount.


Starterpack with userfriendly distributions

The DVD box set is inclusive a 4-page guide dealing with the following topics: Help and Assistance, Linux and Antivirus and installing programs.

We have choosen the best distributions for those who are new at Linux, and offer a 30% discount.

The starterpack contains :

  • OpenSuse Leap 42.1 DVD
  • OpenMandriva 2014.02  DVD
  • PCLinuxOS 2016.03 KDE Fullmonty edition DVD
  • Ubuntu Linux 16.04 Desktop - i386
  • Fedora 23 DVD
  • Linux Mint 18.0 Cinnamon

Hardware requirements : Minimum 384mb ram and 5gb harddisk.

The mentioned distributions are caracterized by being easy to install, and all the basic stuff such as desktop environment, graphics-, office-, and browser applications are ready for use from the beginning in a graphic userinterface - so the system is ready for use right away

For more information about a specific distribution, you simply select the distribution(under ´Choose your Linux´), and here you will find a description of it plus links for its homepage where you can download their iso files for free, to burn on your CD/DVD. To avoid errors in this process you should optimally :

  • Ensure against errors in download by checking the downloaded iso file's md5sum/sha1sum up to the specified.
  • Ensure against any unauthorized modification of the iso file by checking the downloaded iso file against the (by multiple distributions) indicated pgp key 
  • Ensure no errors during burning and on the media, by checking the burned CD up to the specified.

Or you can let us do the work.

  • We will find, download & md5sum-check the distribution for you
  • We will burn your distribution on a CD/DVD and md5sum-check the burning
  • We deliver your CD/DVD with a nice label
before 24,79$ now 19,13$

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