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Zenwalk Linux 7.4 "live"

Zenwalk Linux 7.4 "live"

Architecture you want to install this on - if in doubt - choose x86, 32-bit.
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Release quote : "I uploaded the final version of Zenwalk Live 7.4 which has updated OpenSSL packages to fix the Heartbleed issue and some other small fixes. This is the first Zenwalk Live version that is NOT using an Aufs-enabled kernel but instead running Unionfs in userspace via FUSE on an unmodified Slackware generic kernel. It will also be probably the last Zenwalk Live version supporting 32-bit systems and it's going to be very likely the last Zenwalk Live edition that I contribute to the Zenwalk project. Same as in Zenwalk Live 7.2 I decided to feature PAE for supporting more than 4 GB RAM on 32-bit systems, but as a downside Zenwalk Live will not run on Pentium M (which lacks PAE support)."


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